Research exchange with Columbia University

 Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties has carried out research cooperation and exchange programs since 2011 with "the Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies" and "the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation" of Columbia University, New York city. Columbia University, established in 1754, is the fifth oldest university in the USA, and conducts high-level research in various fields. Following the success of last year's program, the Nabunken also sent two researchers to the USA this year. The researchers presented the results of their studies, and held discussions with the professors/students of Columbia University.

 The presentations were conducted in a room of the Avery Hall of Columbia University, on the evening of September 25. First, HIRASAWA Tsuyoshi, the Head of the Sites Management Research Section, made a speech entitled "Protection of 'Places of Scenic Beauty' (Meisyoh) in Japan". Then, WAKIYA So-ichiro, Conservation Science Section, made a presentation entitled "Study on Heat and Moisture Movement in Openly Exhibited Soil Structural Remains".

 At the Q&A session following the presentations, discussions centered around the protection system of and conservation science for cultural properties. After the completion of the program, a wine and cheese party was held at which exchanges of views were successively made in a friendly atmosphere.

 The program of research cooperation/exchange with Columbia University is to continue until 2015, during which time the Nabunken is scheduled to dispatch about two researchers to Columbia University every year to present a range of research results.

(AOKI Tatsuji, Department of Cultural Heritage)

During one of the presentations