Exhibition Catalogue

No.1 Inscribed Bronze Sculpture of the Asuka and Hakuho Periods(1976)

No.2 Inscribed Bronze Sculpture of the Asuka and Hakuho Periods(1977)

No.3 Epitaphs of Ancient Japan(1977)

■No.4 Epitaphs of Ancient Japan: Volume of Inscriptions(1978)


No.6 KOFUN (Tumulus Graves) in Asuka Period(1979)

■No.7 Shibi Acroterion of Ancient Japan(1980)

■No.8 Exhibition of the Yamadadera Temple(1981)

■No.9 10 Years Anniversary of Takamatsuzuka Tumulus Discovery(1982)

■No.10 Temples of Immigrants: Hinokumadera and Sakatadera Temples(1983)

■No.11 Water Clock in Asuka(1983)

■No.12 World of Miniature Buildings: From Haniwa Pottery to Ceramic Pagodas(1984)

■No.13 Fujiwara Palace: Five Decades History of Research and Investigation(1984)

■No.14 Buddhist Clay Statuary in Korea and Japan (1985)

■No.15 Asukadera Temple(1985)

■No.16 Stone Monuments in Asuka(1986)

■No.17 Clothing, Food and Housing in Manyo-shū (Anthology of Myriad Leaves)(1987)

■No.18 Civil War of Jinshin(1987)

■No.19 Scientific View into Burial Mounds in Kofun Period(1988)

■No.20 World of Prince Shōtoku Taishi(1988)

■No.21 Burials of Buddha's Relics(1989)

■No.22 Murals of Flying Apsaras, Main Hall of Hōryūji Temple (1989)

■No.23 Archaeology of Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan)(1990)

■No.24 A Research Note on Buried Cultural Properties in Asuka Period(1991)

■No.25 Origin of Asuka(1991)

■No.26 Ancient Ateliers and Workshops in Asuka(1992)

■No.27 Forms of Antiquity: In Search of the Origin of Designs in Asuka and Fujiwara Periods(1995)

■No.28 Three Generations of Soga Clan(1995)

■No.29 Chronicle of Empress Saimei(1996)

■No.30 Surveying Sites(1997)

■No.31 Asuka: Subsequent Days(1998)

No.32 UTAMAKURA(1998)

■No.33 Lost Temple of Kudara no Ōtera(1998)

■No.34 Making Bronze Mirrors: Reconstructing Lion and Dragon Mirrors(1999)

■No.35 Stone Monuments in Asuka Region(1999)

■No.36 Asukaike Site(2000)

■No.37 Prospecting Sites(2001)

■No.38 Before Asuka(2002)

■No.39 Memories of A0(2002)

■No.40 Ancient Tree Rings(2003)

■No.41 Bathhouse in Ancient Asuka(2004)

■No.42 Ancient Buddhist Bronze Bells(2004)

■No.43 Mausoleums for Royal Families in Asuka: Kitora, Karato, Maruko and Takaumatuzuka Tumuli(2005)

■No.44 Ancient Ponds and Gardens in East Asia(2005)

■No.45 Unearthed Murals of Kitora Tumulus(2005)

■No.46 Mural of Genbu, Kitora Tumulus(2006)

■No.47 Bizarre Glory of Yamadadera Temple(2007)

■No.48 Murals of Mouse, Bull and Tiger, Kitora Tumulus(2008)

■No.49 Unknown Masterpieces of Tang Dynasty: New Discovery of Trichrome Glazed Wares at Huangye Kilns Site, China(2008)

■No.50 Murals of Blue Dragon and White Tiger, Kitora Tumulus(2009)

■No.51 New Discoveries of Archaeology in Sanyan Culture, China: Glory of Northern Horseback Races(2009)

■No.52 Murals of Four Deities, Kitora Tumulus(2010)

■No.53 Dawn of Wooden Tablets: Ancient Writings in Asuka(2010)

■No.54 Archaeology of Moon, Sun and Stars(2011)

■No.55 Mysterious Heirlooms in Asuka(2011)

■No.56 In the Wake of Abe no Hirahu: Arms, Weapons and Warfare in Asuka(2012)

■No.57 Flowery Culture in Ancient Capitals(2012)

■No.58 Asukadera Temple 2013(2013)

■No.59 Roads to Asuka and Fujiwara Capitals(2013)

■No.60 Masters in the Past: Handicrafts in Asuka Period(2014)

■No.61 Memories on the Ground: Transcriptions of Stratigraphy(2014)

■No.62 The beginning of Buddhist Statues in ancient Japan(2015)


■No.71 Works of Envirometnal Archaeology Laboratory(2019)

■No.72 Asuka : In Harmony with Nature(2019)

■No.74 ASUKA IN BLOOM Eaves-end Tiles with Floral Motifs(2021)