■No.1 Arrival of Buddhism: Roads to Asuka (1975)

■No.2 Archaeology of Buddhist Temples in Asuka: Recent Discoveries (1977)

■No.3 Buddha's Statues in Asuka (1977)

■No.4 Buddha's Statues in Sakurai (1978)

■No.5 Buddha's Statues in Takatori (1978)

■No.6 Buddha's Statues in Kashihara (1979)

■No.7 Royal Mausoleums in Asuka (1980)

■No.8 Daikan Daiji Temple: The Greatest Temple in Asuka (1981)

■No.9 Latest Researches for Murals in Takamatsuzuka Tumulus (1982)

■No.10 A Piece of Asuka: Recent Discoveries (1983)

■No.11 Yamadadera Temple (1983)

■No.12 Reconstructing Eastern Corridor of Yamadadera Temple (1984)

■No.13 Images of Asuka (1984)

■No.14 Decorating Kofun Burial Mounds (1985)

■No.15 Hidden Documents of History: Secret of "Lacquer Papers" (1985)

■No.16 Metalworks in Asuka: World of Lion and Dragon Mirrors (1986)

■No.17 Archaeology of Asuka in 2006 (1987)

■No.18 Photographying the Times: Archaeology and Photography (1987)

■No.19 Archaeology of Asuka in 2007 (1988)

■No.20 Archaeology of Asuka in 2008 (1988)

■No.21 Archaeology of Asuka in 2009 (1989)

■No.22 Small Stonetools, Big Stories (1989)

■No.23 Dawn of Wooden Tablets: Ancient Writings in Asuka (1990)

■No.24 Archaeology of Asuka in 2010 (1991)

■No.25 Archaeology of Metal Casting: Techniques of Craftsmen in East Asia (1991)

■No.26 Archaeology of Asuka in 2011 (1992)

■No.27 Archaeology of Asuka in 2012 (1995)

■No.28 Archaeological Science in Asuka and Fujiwara (1995)

■No.29 The 30th Anniversary of Discovery of Murals in Kitora Tumulus: White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Vermillion Phoenix and Blue Dragon (1996)

■No.30 Archaeology of Asuka in 2013 (1997)

■No.31 Charms of Buddha's Statues in Yamato (1998)


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