Annual Bulletin 2010

BULLETIN Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties 2010

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Ⅰ Research Reports 1

・ Architectural Investigation of Western Prasat Top, Cambodia,2009 3

・ Archaeological Investigation of Western Prasat Top, Cambodia (10th mission)  6

・ International Cooperation for Conservation of Thang Long Imperial Palace Site, Vietnam 8

・ Survey of historical architecture at Phouc Tick village, Thua Thien-Hue province in Vietnam 10

・ Investigations of WW2 sites and remains of Japanese mandate period, Palau 12

・ Excavation of the Third Palace Gate, Northern Wei dynasty capital of Luoyang, China 14

・ Coins excavated from Han and Wei Capital City Luoyang, China 16

・ The Memorandum on Special Exhibition “The Glory of the Northern Equestrian People 18

・ Research on die behavior of water in Garandoya tumulus 20

・ The scientific research and treatment for the amber beads excavated from the Kitora tomb 22

・ Conservation and Restoration of Iron Objects from Kurotsuka Tumulus Mound, Tenri city, Nara 24

・ Analyses of Materials of Takamatsuzuka Mural Paintings - Plaster - 26

・ Scientific research of soda-lime glass beads found in the Yayoi period 28

・ Ancient DNA analysis of the charred grains on the pottery 30

・ The Heijo Palace Site before maintenance of Modern times 32

・ A research on dismantled members of Horyuji temple, 1 34

・ Modern Japanese architecture and architects in Nara prefecture 36

・ Investigation of buildings in temples and shrines, in Tsuwano town 38

・ Full-scale replica of Takamikura (imperial throne) 40

・ Cultural Landscape of Uji from the viewpoint of the traditional buildings 42

・ Cultural Landscape Including Changes 44

・ Paradise and Gardens in Eastern Asia 46

・ Modern Japanese gardens and landscapes in Nara prefecture 48

・ Sites Management and Regional Promotions 50

・ Signs of the earthquake in the Former Imperial Audience Hall Compound, Nara Palace 52

・ Structure and the change of the arrangement of garden rocks rainwater outlet ditch 54

・ A study of Sue stoneware at West Monks’ Quarters in Yakushiji Monastery 56

・ Jomon pottery from the lower strata of Daikandaiji temple (2) 58

・ A reexamination of artifacts related to metallurgy excavated from the eastern basic channel SD2700 of Nara Palace 60

・ A study of pottery ink slabs, made in Tokai region 62

・ Some discoveries of the technique in malting folding funs 64

・ Tree species for the materials of wooden tablets (mokkan) from Nara Palace Site 66

・ Research of the building materials found at the Yamaki Site 68

・ Research of the wooden artifacts excavated from the Koyachi site 70

・ Debitage products of shell buttons in modern Nara 72

・ Identification of carbonized remains on a pottery from Fujiwara palace by scanning electron microscope 74


Ⅱ Excavations at the Asuka and Fujiwara palaces and other sites 77

1 Excavation at the Fujiwara palace site 79

・ Excavation of the State Flail Compound and Imperial Audience Hall Compound (no.160) 80

2 Excavations in and around the Asuka area 91

・ Excavations at the Amakashi-no-oka Toroku site (nos.157,161) 92

・ Excavation at die Furumiya site (no.152-8) 107

・ Excavations around Hinokumadera temple (no.159) 112

・ Excavation of the Takamatsuzuka tomb (no.154) 122


Ⅲ Excavations at the Nara palace and other sites 123

1 Excavations at Nara palace site 125

・ Excavations of the eastern Administrative Office area (nos.440,466) 126

・ Excavation of the East Palace sector (no.446) 136

・ Excavation of the Former Imperial Audience Hall Compound (no.454) 138

2 Excavations at the Nara capital site and at Nara temples 143

・ Excavation at the former precinct of Kairyuouji temple (no.456) 144

・ Excavation at Yakushiji Temple (no.457) 146

・ Excavation of the Southern Main Gate of Kohfukuji temple (no.458) 154

・ Excavation at the former precinct of Kohfukuji temple (no.2009-7) 164

・ Excavation in Block 8,West Third Ward on First Street (no.448) 168