Annual Bulletin 2007

BULLETIN Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties 2007

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Ⅰ Research reports 1

・ A study of manufacturing techniques of sutra inscriptions (kokera kyo): Medieval wooden documents from the Nara capital site 3

・ Archaeological survey in Bamiyan valley, 2006 4

・ Investigation of Western Prasat Top, Cambodia 6

・ Architectural investigation of earthquake damage at the Prambanan complex, Indonesia 8

・ Trees of Tang dynasty capitals 10

・ Investigation of Silla imperial palace sites  12

・A study of the Koguryeo Chongnung and Baekjie Neyonsan-Ri temple sites 14

・ A study of the city wall and grid system of the Nara capital  16

・ Inkstones excavated from Yamadadera  18

・ Saws from the Ishigami site and Horyuji temple  20

・ Pillar bases excavated at the Fujiwara palace site  22

・ Wooden tablets used as passes for the Fujiwara and Heijo palace gates  24

・ Investigation of the Omiya family documents, Nara city  26

・ A consideration of ancient gold and silver refining: Focusing on objects excavated at the Asuka ike site 30

・ Identification of excavated textile fibers and Japanese lacquer using infrared microscopy  32

・ Conservation and repair of bronze halberds recovered from the Terafukudo 4 site, Ogori city 34

・ Conservation treatment with vacuum freeze-drying of a well shaft made from a hollowed-out camphor tree trunk  35

・ Conservation and repair of dotaku (bronze bells) from the Kamo-Iwakura site, designated as Important Cultural Properties 36

・ Investigation of pigments from the inner temple at Toshodaiji  38

・ A dendrochronological investigation of the Twelve Heavenly Generals of Kofukuji temple   40

・ Methods and possibilities in the study of burnt pit-dwellings 42

・ Two-storied temple buildings in the Asuka and Hakuho periods   46

・ Structure and design of doors in ancient architecture: A reexamination for the reconstruction of the Imperial Audience Hall, Nara palace 48

・ Painting and ornamental metal fittings: Solemnity adorning the Nageiredo hall,

Sanbutsuji temple   50

・ Investigation of historic architecture of the Izumo Taisha shrine outer precinct  52

・ Modern houses in Tottori prefecture  54

・ Construction technique of a mud-walled storehouse built by Eyo: Investigation at the Horiuchi residence, Shiojiri city, Nagano prefecture  56

・ Composition and design of the Horiuchi residence garden, Shiojiri city, Nagano prefecture   58

・ Investigation of logging railroad heritage in Chugei district, Kochi prefecture 60

・ Cultural landscapes of the Shimanto river basin  62

・ Reconsideration of the master plan for utilizing the Nara palace site  64

・ Current state of site utilization for education  66

・ Individual model parts of Suzaku gate in the Nara Palace Site Museum 68


Ⅱ Excavations at the Asuka and Fujiwara palaces and other sites  69

1 Excavations at the Fujiwara palace site  71

・ Excavations at the eastern Fourth Hall, State Halls Compound (nos.142, 144)  72

2 Excavations in the Fujiwara capital site  81

・ Excavation at the Moto Yakushiji temple site (no.143-3) 82

3 Excavations in and around the Asuka area 85

・ Excavation at the Amakashi-no-oka Toroku site (no.146)   86

・ Excavations at the Ishigami site (nos.140, 145)  93

・ Excavation of the Takamatsuzuka tomb (no.147)  102

・ Excavation at the Asukadera temple site (no.143-6)  105

・ Excavation at the Kaminoide site (no.143-1) 108


Ⅲ Excavations at the Nara palace and other sites  109

1 Excavations at the Nara palace site  111

・ Excavation of the Assembly Hall Compound (no.399)   112

・ Excavation of the East Palace sector (no.401)  118

・ Excavation at the eastern Administrative Office area (no.406)  126

・ Excavations at the northern area of the Imperial Stable Bureau (nos.395, 411)  128

2 Excavations at the Nara capital site and at Nara temples  129

・ Excavations of the Dining Hall of Saidaiji temple, and in the Northern Perimeter, West Third Ward (nos.404, 410, 415)  130

・ Excavation of the Yakushi Main Hall, Saidaiji temple (no.409) 139

・ Excavation of the garden of the former Daijoin temple (no.407)  143

・ Excavations at the former precinct of Hokkeji temple (nos.412, 414, 417)  149

・ Excavation in West Second Ward on First Street (no.400)  151