Annual Bulletin 2001

BULLETIN of National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Nara 2001

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Ⅰ Research reports

・ Excavation on architectural feature No.4, Gui-gong Palace, Han Dynasty capital of Chang-an, China 3

・ Excavation of kiln No.6 at Tani Kiln Site, in Angkor site complex. 6

・ Drawing about the start of the whole Kofukuji Temple restoration ‐ Kofukuji Documents vol.75 no.18 8

・ The square pools in Japan and the square pools in Korea 10

・ Meaning of the upper structure and the pillar position of the Main Hall at Yamadadera Temple plan style building  14

・ Drawing a damage map of the Main Hall at Toshodaiji Temple by 3D laser scanner  16

・ Dynamic characteristics of Japanese traditional timber buildings ‐ Micro tremor measurement at the main building of Gangoji Temple Gokuraku-bo and the meditation chamber 18

・ Digital photographing of the mural painting at Kitora-kofun  20

・ Garden and pool ‐ Terms concerning Shima 22

・ The feature of toilet at Asakura-shi Site in Ichijodani. 23

・ Residual pieces of fabrication for the small wooden pagoda ‐ The location of the working places for the One Million Pagodas.  24

・ Earthenware excavated from the hole of lower layer at Daikandaiji Temple  26

・ A story on earthenware, bricks and roof tiles 30

・ Dendrochronology about the central pillar of the five-storied pagoda at Horyuji Temple.  32

・ Analysis of gold and silver earring by SPring-8 ‐ An application of the high energy Compton scattering X-ray analysis 34

・ Location data entry to the archaeological sites' database. 36


Ⅱ Excavations at the Asuka Fujiwara Palaces and other sites  37

1 Excavations in the Fujiwara Palace Site  39

・ Excavation in the State Halls (No.107)  40

・ Excavation in the northern part of the eastern government offices sector (No.108-5)  48

・ Excavation in the north-western government offices sector (No.108-8)  51

・ Excavation in the southern part of the western government offices sector (No.108-10) 52

・ Excavation in the north-eastern and the northern part of eastern government offices sector (No.l08-11) 53


2 Excavations at the Fujiwara Capital Site 55

・ Excavation in East Third Ward on Fifth Street (No.108-6)  56

・ Excavation in East Second Ward on Second Street (No.109) 57

・ Excavation in East Second Ward on Sixth and Seventh Street (No.113)  65


3 Excavations in and around Asuka area 69

・ Excavation at the Mizuochi Site (No.108-4) 70

・ Excavation at the Ishigami Site (No.110)  72

・ Excavation at the Kibi-ike Temple Site (No.111) 76

. Excavation at the Asuka-ike Site (No.112)  85


Ⅲ Excavations at the Nara Palace and other sites 89

1 Excavations at the Nara Palace Site 91

・ Excavations in the Former Imperial Audience Hall Compound Sector (Nos.315,316,319,313) 92

・ Excavation in the East Palace Sector (No.323) 112

・ Excavation on the north of the Nara Palace Site (No.314-9)  114


2 Excavations at the Nara Capital Site and the Temples 115

・ Excavation in East First Ward on Third Street (No.314-7) 116

・ Excavation at Kairyuoji Temple (No.314-12) 119

・ Excavation at Ichijoin (Nos. 317,321) 120

・ Environment archaeological analysis on the garden at Amida-Jodo-in  129

・ Excavation at Daijoin (Nos. 318,314-11) 130

・ Excavation at Sairyuji Temple (Nos. 320,324) 136