Annual Bulletin 1997

ANNUAL BULLETIN of Nara National Cultural Properties Research Institute 1997


ANNUAL BULLETIN of Nara National Cultural Properties Research Institute 1997-Ⅰ



Ⅰ Research Reports

・ Dendrochronology of the large-sized building with pillars embedded directly in the ground at Ikegami-Sone Site

・ Burnt pit dwellings excavated from Goshono Site in Jomon middle period

・ Ring-Pommeled sword decorated with twin dragons excavated from Kibita mounded tomb

・ A tile with whirl motif from Kawara-dera Temple site

・ Rethinking the pottery excavated from SE800 at Ishigami Site

・ Study on eave tiles of Asuka-dera Temple Site made by the same mould

・ Research on eave tiles made by the same mould in the medieval period

・ Green glazed tile from Yamanouchi historical materials and its constituent

・ Supplement to the wooden tablet inscribed “OONIE- 大贄-“ in ink from Fujiwara Palace Site

・ Pieces of paper bearing ink characters permeated with lacquer from the peripheral area of east market in Nara Capital Site

・ Study on three-stepped bracket complex of the Japanese ancient architectures

・ Historical investigation and restoration of the Imperial throne

・ Interpretation of the structural remains and restoration of west building in East Precinct of Nara Palace Site

・ Excavated Garden Sites - examples of Tumulus period and Asuka period -

・ Survey of the Tekisui Garden (Kyoto) and Yosui Garden (Wakayama)

・ Survey of the Customed Houses in Shiga Prefecture

・ Subject for the study of “Cultural Landscape”

・ Application of Soil Micromorphology in Archaeology

・ What to find by geophysical prospecting

・ Trial development about the system of computer aided excavation surveying and site database

・ Convert the dry photographic plate of architectures into digital data

・ Culture at the late stage of Paleolithic period in middle and south China

・ Reproduction of color and ancient wall paintings - Joint research on the wall paintings of Chinese mounded tomb with China -

・ Collaboration in the Restoration of Angkor Cultural Heritage


Ⅱ  Brief Introduction of Activities

2-1 Researches and Investigations

Excavations of the Asuka-Fujiwara Capital Sites

Excavations of the Nara Capital Sites

Researches and Investigations of the historical architectures

Investigations on the historical documents

Research activities of Center for Archaeological Operations

International study co-operation

Brief Report on Research Tours Abroad

Public Lectures in 1996


Studies subsidized by the ministry of Education

Academic activities of learned societies and seminars, etc.

Miscellaneous Research News

2-2 Training course, Instruction and Education

Training course and instruction by Center for Archaeological Operations

Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University

2- 3 Restoration and Reconstruction of the sites and Exhibition

Restoration of the Nara and Fujiwara Palace Sites

Special Exhibition at the Asuka Historical Museum and Reconstruction of the cloister excavated from Yamada-dera temple site


The Outline of Nara National Cultural Properties Research Institute


ANNUAL BULLETIN of Nara National Cultural Properties Research Institute




Ⅰ  Excavation of the Fujiwara Palace Sites

・ Excavation on the southern area of the government offices in the west of the Fujiwara Palace; No.82

・ Excavation on the northern part of the outer moat; No.81-6


Ⅱ Excavation of the Fujiwara Capital Sites

・ Excavation on the third ward on seventh street, the eastern sector; No.81-1

・ Excavations on the third ward on eleventh street, the eastern sector; No.81-7,81-8

・ Excavation on the second ward on sixth and seventh street, the western sector; No.78-9

・ Excavations on Motoyakushi-ji Temple Site; No.1995-1,2,3, No.1996-1 Roof tiles from Motoyakushi-ji Temple


Ⅲ Excavation in the Asuka area and Others

・ Excavations of Mizuochi Site; No.9, No.1995-1

・ Excavations of Asuka-dera Temple Site; No.1996-1, 1996-3,84

・ Excavations of Kawara-dera Temple Site; No.1995-1, No.1996-1,1996-2

・ Excavation of Tachibana-dera Temple Site; No. 1995-1

・ Excavation of Sakata-dera Temple Site; No.1996 ‘1

・ Excavation of Yamada-dera Temple Site; No.10,11

・ Excavations of Kibiike Temple Site; No.81-14, 81-16

・ Other excavations


ANNUAL BULLETIN of Nara National Cultural Properties Research Institute




Ⅰ Excavations of the Nara Palace Sites

・ Excavation on the southern part of the earthen wall with roof of Second State Halls Compound; No.267

・ Excavation on the western part of East Precinct; No.270

・ Excavation on the garden site in East Precinct; No.271,276

・ Excavation on the government offices in the east of Ministry of Personnel Affairs; No.273

Ⅱ Excavations of the Nara Capital Sites and Others

・ Excavations on the 15th block of second ward on first street, the eastern sector; No.269-1, 269-13

・ Excavation on the 11th block of second ward on second street, the eastern sector; No.279

・ Excavation on the 2nd block of second ward on third street, Prince Nagaya’s Mansion, the eastern sector; No.269-4

・ Excavation on the 7th block of first ward on third street and the small column avenue of first ward, the eastern sector; No,269-5

・ Excavation on the 16th block of second ward on forth street, the eastern sector;  No.269-6

・ Excavation of Zuto, a Square earthen pagoda with stone Buddhist images; No.277

・ Excavation of the mounded tomb under Zuto; No.277

・ Excavations of Daijoin Garden Site; No.275,278

・ Other Excavations