Annual Bulletin 1993


Table of Contents

Excavations Page

Temple sites in the Asuka area 1

Temple sites in the Nara Capita 4

Palace sites in the Asuka area 9

Fujiwara Palace and Capital sites 14

Nara Palace and Capital sites 23


Laboratory researches

Roof tiles of the Fujiwara Palace and Capital 36

Eaves tiles produced by same molds as and different molds from those of the Nara Palace tiles 38

Imported black stonewares from ditch SD2700 in the Nara Palace site 39

Wooden tablets from the Nara Palace and Capital sites 40

List of the Buddhist sutras at the Ishiyama-dera temple 42

Three dimensional measurement system for bulbar surface 46

Preliminary study of dendrochronology (3) 48

Investigations into faunal remains at archaeological sites (8) 49

Conservation science for stones from Asuka area (2) 50

Chemical composition of glass artifacts dated lo the Asuka through Nara Periods (ca. late 6th to 8th centuries) 51

Comparative studies on materials and production techniques of Korean and Japanese aartifacts 52

Image analysing system for deciphering wooden tablet inscriptions using IR 53


Reconstruction and restoration studies

First imperial audience hall of the Nara Palace 54

First imperial audience hall compound of the Nara Palace 55

Roof of the second imperial audience hall of the Nara Palace 56

Reconstruction of Zuto, a square earthen pagoda with stone Buddhist images, proposed by Dr. Yang Hongxun 60

Restoration of the Nara and Fujiwara Palace sites 61


Investigation into architectural history

Modern Japanese style architecture before the Second World War in Shiga pref. 58


International research activities

Temple sites in Indonesia and Cambodia 65

Architectural studies and excavations of city sites in China 66

Ahu Tongariki Site in Easter Island. Chile 68

The special exhibition “Ancient Japan” at the Authur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution 69


Institution news

Special exhibitions at the Asuka Historical Museum 70

Public lectures held by the Institute in 1993 71

Miscellaneous researches and surveys 72

Activities of the Institute 73

Organization of the Institute 83


Published by

Nara National Cultural Properties Research Institute

Nara, 1993