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Daigoji Sanpōin teien

garden at Sanpōin of Daigoji temple

Toyotomi Hideyoshi designed and began to build this garden in 1598, which was continued by Gien Jugō, chief  priest of Daigoji temple, after Hideyoshi's death. The work was done by Kentei, the best gardener of those days. The pond, located to the south of the temple buildings, is long in the east-west direction, and has a convoluted shore line. The Fujito stone on the south shore of the pond, famous since the Muromachi period, forms the central focus of the garden. The three-stepped waterfall to the southeast of the pond, and a thicket of fern palms are also important elements. It is designated a national special historic site and special scenic spot, and is inscribed on the World Heritage List as one of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto. It is located in Fushimi ward, Kyoto.

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